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Panda Cop
18th Jan 2021, 8:34 PM

The man with 7 scars, Brock Trueblood. The most muscular healer in the universe!

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Kei Esteban
18th Jan 2021, 11:25 PM

is Brock the true successor to Hokuto Shin Ken!?

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Jason Moon
18th Jan 2021, 11:37 PM

Naughty healing hands

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19th Jan 2021, 12:29 AM

Damn! Brock literally became the Fist Of The North Star after that! LOL
My explanation for his powers, is that he is similar to a Saiyan in that he can continuously level up until he is super powerful, but before then, yes, he might be vulnerable to gunfire, but, like you have shown, he can heal himself through that allowing him the opportunity to "ascend".
But, and some may see this as "Plot Armor", but I imagine Brock couldn't die, at least not before he fulfills his destiny (killing THE Devil!), so he is also protected by a divine form of luck, or "Divine Luck".
So even if someone is faster and stronger than Brock is while he is at a lower level, his enemies might be prone to bad luck, like perhaps Brock slips and falls at the last second before an energy blast or a punch hits him, or maybe his enemy's own attack backfires on them, or a combination of those two things.
And, to make Brock even more ridiculously over-powered, he can instantly conjure an oval shaped "Divine Shield" around his body, which is a bubble of energy that is "nigh invulnerable" to any form of attack.
OH, and Brock's "Base strength" is equal to a "Multi Tonner", meaning he could probably throw a car, but then after a power up, he could throw a semi-truck, and after another power up, throw an oil tanker, and so on and so forth....
Brock is no wimp...
But I like what you have done here, and I agree with it. I believe God would want Brock to learn and grow the "hard way", so in other words, he is allowed to sustain damage and experience pain because it develops his character.
Ultimately Brock is "the instrument of God", and nothing can stop him if God wishes it to be so. He is an avatar, or vessel of a super powerful divine being.

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19th Jan 2021, 4:49 AM

I think it's pretty impressive in the first 4 panels how you do the energy effects without the use of color! I think it looks really cool.

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