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Panda Cop
28th Nov 2019, 2:24 PM

I was planning to have Little Buddah have a mechanic where when his hp reaches 0 he stays alive for 5 seconds before getting eliminated and gets a special move called Cyclone Revenge Fist. (Which will act as a super special finisher not a base special move)

Cyclone Revenge Fist is a short range punch with heavy base damage which also returns all recieved damage from an opponent back to them if you can hit them. There is a secondary gust attack with the punch which does no damage but knocks opponents back, which can knock them off a platform and eliminate them.

Little Buddah is a minor character in Cosmic Warriors and may have to be cut to make room for other characters from other webcomics. (Cosmic Warriors has over 100 characters) If that happens i would like to add his mechanics to a similar character like Yuria.

But i want to keep move pools and abilities limited for more variaty of characters and reason to play as different characters. If characters can do everything there is no reason to play with more than one chracter. So special base abilities and passive abilities will have to be spread out and limited

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Kei Esteban
30th Nov 2019, 8:33 AM

Those would be cool moves for Yuria.

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