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Panda Cop
29th Nov 2019, 5:19 PM

Death Walrus is a minor character in Cosmic Warriors and may have to be cut.

His planned mechanics were having a no escape passive ability. When he and an opponent were facing eachother at a close range and the opponent turns away they would become frozen for half a second. This being caused by his intimidating presence causing freezing fear.

This would balance out his incredible slowness and allow him to attack faster enemies trying to exploit his slowness.

As a deathmatch specialist he would also do 10% more damage with picked up weapons and recieve 10% less damage from picked up weapons.

His blubber block ability would shield him from 90% of recieved damage.

He would also float in water stages instead of drowning but it would still be difficult to escape water due to his weak jumping.

He would also start matches with a razor wire club.

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Kei Esteban
30th Nov 2019, 8:18 AM

Man, Never get in between Yuria and food!

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