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Panda Cop
8th Dec 2019, 9:45 AM

Liliana Midas is an original character created by Zero Hour, all rights reserved.

The confused hammer stuns opponents long enough to hit them again with the hammer allowing you to hit them until the hammer breaks without them being able to move.

I was planning to have little birds around the characters head while they were stunned. Maybe the perfect pest chicks created by miaubol would be a good design and reference to her comic.

I also want and item called the dream egg (from Cosmic Warriors) which will turn you into a chicken when you die in the game allowing a small possibility to still win. Maybe instead of a chicken they could turn into a baby perfect pest.

Miaubols character the crazy chicken scientist could have a baby bird on his shoulder like duck king from fatal fury that would follow him and dance when he wins.

It would be a really interesting mechanic if the little pest stayed alive after the scientist was defeated giving the player and extra chance to win.

I also planned on having the vulture king drop a dream egg when he died (like he did in Cosmic Warriors) but this would also make sense for the mad scientist since he is creating these chicken monsters.

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8th Dec 2019, 10:55 PM

Dang dude. She is kicking ass and taking names then giving names to the asses she kicks.

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