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Panda Cop
30th May 2020, 5:11 PM

Melvin is the only character i have that wears heels. I am always bothered when i see characters wearing high heels or even boots with high heels and fighting. To me it is so impractical it is even more immersion breaking than battle cyborgs fighting monsters in space. I just cant suspend that much disbelief. Melvin can get away with it tho i think since she is a battle cyborg and those are also rocket boots.

Panel 4 from left to right.

1. Lazer was a stripper in Cube City that Bosnokovitch turned into a battle cyborg after she had a motorcycle accident (or air bike i cant even remember my own lore)

Panels on the traps and upper arms with 4 little rockets each can by fired in her micro missles attack. (I dont know the difference between rocket and missle but they are not homing but they do not fly perfectly straight either)

She also had panels in the tops of the hands which fire blasts of white phosphorous type material that can be used to blind and burn opponents with her flash punch attack.

The double door on her torso opens to fire the boxing glove and spring weapon for her secret punch attack (she used this before Magic Man the magician assassin from round 2 of Battle Arena)

2. Zebra is a high ranking officer in the Fat Dragon Triad. His arms were cut off by the Gemini Killer in Gary's army when he attacked cube city. Zebra was a swordsman who became a kick fighter of ridiculous power after losing his arms. His no arms kicking attacks could be seen during the Cyborg Velociraptor War on Dinosaur Island.

3. Dolphin Knight was a Dolphin of supreme intelligence that bcame a scientist. He built his own battle cyborg body to put his brain into. With this body and humanoid hands he was able to buuld more sciency type stuff and a small submarine he could out his brain back into for more underwater dolphiny type operations. He lost part of his arm during the Cyborg Veloxiraptor War and got this laser attachment. (Also building a robot arm for Blackbeard who also lost her arm at the same time. She appeared in Battle Arena round 1 with the robot arm and round 3 without)

4. Fat Dragon. He appeared in Round 3 of Cosmic Warriors Battle Arena. He is the leader of the Fat Dragon Triad. He has ridiculous strength and durability but terrible cardio. He is one of the largest humans in Cosmic Warriors. The Fat Dragon Triad exists to recruit evil doers then send them to fight other evil doers to get evil doers to destroy themselves.

Travis Dupree Thompson and Viola Montoya Vargas are original characters created by Vicious E.

All rights reserved.

To learn more about his characters and DAMES you can check out his comic >here<

The Zippo Sword used by Viola here was created by Vicious E. It can turn a human into ashes.


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30th May 2020, 8:59 PM

Interesting that many of your characters had serious disabilities they had to overcome.

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Panda Cop
31st May 2020, 5:07 PM

Showing war amputees and peoppe dying was important.

Too many anime had ridicuolus injuries people jusy recover from and fight again and i think it makes people take danger a lot less seriously than they should

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30th May 2020, 10:23 PM

I really like the energy the characters have in their poses, v v v dynamic

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Jason Moon
30th May 2020, 11:08 PM

mmmm panty shot

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30th May 2020, 11:52 PM

I think it's pretty interesting that so many of your characters have such detailed backstories. When I see something like the Cyborg Velociraptor War on Dinosaur Island or the Gemini Killer attacking Cube City...these sound like stories i would like. Have you written all these stories? With the amount of details you tell us, it seems like you've got volumes of cool adventures with these characters that would make for some great reading.

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Panda Cop
31st May 2020, 5:18 PM

These incidents are from episodes of the Cosmic Warriors motion comic on my yt. I made a playlist. You can see their limbs getting lost and them recovering there

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Panda Cop
31st May 2020, 5:29 PM

playlist for Cosmic Warriors here

You can see the cube city arc the champion slayer gary arc has the incidents described

Later is the dinosaur island arc

It is unfinished but the events i talked about are there

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30th May 2020, 11:54 PM

I hope theres some heatproofing for the shins there. Those mini rocketpacks can get really hot really fast. But then again, if she's artificial she only has to worry about having Flame resistant synth flesh. But that is probably being worked on as we speak.

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Panda Cop
31st May 2020, 5:19 PM

Yeah Melvin does have skin. But i have been considering a lot of what you daid with jets and heat.

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31st May 2020, 3:21 PM


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